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Ability Communications strives for excellence over expedience in every writing project.

Hands:#20 @ 1200Since its inception in 1988, Ability Communications has been unique. We began in Minneapolis as the only resume service/hypnosis practice … anywhere on this planet. And, oh yes, we also provided freelance writing and editing services to corporations and taught CPR and first aid lessons. We were — and still are — eclectic.

Ability Communications has now moved across the Mississippi River to Saint Paul. While resumes remain a major part of the writing mix, today we are also focused on helping corporate communications, public relations and marketing departments meet their internal and external communication needs. Our clients include health care organizations, corporations, governmental agencies and not-for-profit groups, as well as individuals.

John Fineberg, our multi-talented owner, has a reputation for thinking outside the box and bringing a unique point-of-view to every job. Regardless of which hat he’s wearing at any particular time, the same personality traits are exhibited. He is reliable, self-motivated, self-disciplined, methodical, analytical and organized. He continually strives for “excellence over expedience.” And, at the same time, he turns work into play. He is creative and clever, and cherishes the camaraderie of collaborating with his colleagues and clients.

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