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Experience the Ability Advantage

by John Fineberg, Ability Communications

Communication with customers and staff is essential. And yet, it’s one of the first things to be eliminated when budgets are cut.

Like it or not, you’re probably stuck with a downsized communications department for the foreseeable future. Until budgets loosen up, everyone needs to ration their resources wisely.

Boost your communications capability

What if you could say “abracadabra” and have a highly qualified independent contractor magically appear for a single project?  Then, when the project is completed to your satisfaction, the “genie” disappears from your financial responsibility. No ongoing salary. No Social Security payments. No health, vacation, pension or other employee benefits.

If your organization is at all typical, there will be instances when you lack the time and/or expertise to complete a communications project well. In those occasions, hiring an independent contractor can actually help to keep your expenses down — and your productivity up.

What would it take to meet all of your needs?

Independent contractors don’t all operate in the same fashion.  They are, after all, “independent” by definition.

Ask anyone who’s ever hired an independent contractor about their experiences. They’ll tell you that they have four main concerns. They need a contractor who will:

  • meet their quality standards
  • meet their project deadlines
  • meet their budget target
  • simplify their work life

Would you be satisfied with anything less than meeting — or exceeding — all of your expectations? Of course not.

Abracadabra, it’s Ability Communications!

Ability Communications is a dynamic and diversified business, committed to simplifying the work life of its clients. From major international corporations to small local businesses, we magically appear with sensible solutions to internal and external business communications needs.

Whether you work in corporate communications, public relations, marketing, promotion, human resources or training, you can rely on Ability Communications for:

  • staffing flexibility
  • thorough attention to detail
  • fresh, creative perspectives
  • ongoing communication
  • confidentiality

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