john fineberg, founder, owner and senior writer

When given a choice, I always select excellence over expedience.

It came as a big shock that he was a writer. Seriously! Yes, John Fineberg was anything but a writer. After all, for the first half of his life, he claimed to “hate” writing. He did everything he could to avoid it.

Then, as an airline safety representative, he was saddled with the task of writing a quarterly newsletter. Employees who used to dispose of the periodical without ever reading it, began reading it. How could that be?

Years later, when working in the promotion department at KARE-TV (the Minneapolis-Saint Paul NBC affiliate), John was entrusted to write scripts, news teases, staff bios, letters to viewers and, once again, the employee newsletter. People who never before read that newsletter began reading it. Again, how could that be?

John made it to mid-life before he discovered that he excelled at writing. Finally it occurred to him that he’d been writing all his life and enjoying it. He just hadn’t been paying attention.

Since that discovery, John has written pretty much every single day of the week, vocationally and/or avocationally. He began his business as a generalist, but got pressured into declaring a specialty. As he is also an emergency medical technician (EMT) and an accomplished CPR and first aid instructor, John chose health care.

John also has a strong passion for causes related to justicesafety and the environment.  He has a great track record of getting his letters-to-the-editor published throughout the United States and Canada (the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, US News and World Report, USA Today, the Toronto Star, the Ottawa Citizen and the Chicago Tribune, as well as his local papers, the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the Saint Paul Pioneer Press).

Taking great pride in his writing, John favors excellence over expedience. He values being accurate, detail-oriented and organized in his work, and still manages to be quite creative. That’s not an easy balance to maintain. He’s both in the box and out of it, at the very same time.

John is the leader of the Freelance Communicators Network (FCN), and a former member of the Minnesota Health Strategies and Communications Network (MHSCN) and the Association for Women in Communications (he was AWC’s first male board member).

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