pricing estimates for resumes

Each person’s life story is unique. A well-written resume and cover letter should reflect that individuality.

How much time it takes to tell that story varies from one person to the next. Pricing, therefore, also varies from one person to the next.

When it comes to hiring a professional resume writer, think of it as an investment in your future. When you’re ready to set up an appointment for an in-person meeting, or if you have questions about our resume service, give us a call us at (651) 699-3333.

Resume Writing Services

First Resume

For students and recent grads with little or no work experience. Ability Communications interviews client and writes the resume.

  • 1 Page: $90-180
  • 2 Page: $180-270

Level I (typing)

For clients who submit a handwritten or typed resume. Ability Communications formats, types and corrects spelling/punctuation/grammar.

  • 1 Page: $60-90
  • 2 Page: $90-120

Level II (light editing)

For clients who submit a resume that requires a light amount of editing. Ability Communications formats, types, corrects spelling/punctuation/grammar and makes other valuable editing improvements.

  • 1 Page: $90-120
  • 2 Page: $120-150

Level III (rewriting and updating)

For clients who submit a resume that requires heavier rewriting and revisions. Ability Communications conducts a thorough interview, formats, types, corrects spelling/punctuation/grammar, rewords previous version and updates history.

  • 1 Page: $210-270
  • 2 Page: $270-330


Same as Level III, but for clients with a more complex/complicated work history, requiring more time for interviewing and rewriting.

  • 1 Page: $300-360
  • 2 Page: $420-480

Note:  With all resumes, we provide the client with a laser-printed hard copy and the computer file, plus we store the file for future updates.

Related Job Search Services

Cover Letters

  • Purchased with resume: $30-45
  • Purchased separately: $45-60
  • Customize Ability Communications letter for a specific employer: based on time

Reference Sheets

  • Purchased with resume: $15
  • Purchased separately: $30
  • Over 6 names: add $5/name


  • Purchased with resume: $15

Miscellaneous Charges

  • Writing/editing rate: $60/hour
  • Consultation rate: $60/hour
  • No-show fee: $30
  • Minimum mailing charge: $5 + postage
  • Minimum returned check fee: $30
  • Minimum transaction per invoice: $30
  • Rush charges may apply
  • Graphic charges may apply

Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Biographical Profile (Bio) Writing

  • $60/hour

These estimates are only guidelines.

Rates and fees subject to change without notice.


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